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CHA test

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Package include:

    • D2.5*50mm (m2.5*0.45p thread)push rod*2
    • Dual Servo Horn H:2mm*2
    • Servo Frame*2
    • Ø1.3*8mm Stanless Steel Pin*2
    • Ø1.3*10.5mm Stanless Steel Pin*2
    • E-clip*4
    • M1.6*4 Screw*4
    • Aluminum Connector R 3.9*3.9*24mm *4
    • Optional Control Horn*4 piece


  • Apply to CHA HV/LV06 H SERVO
  • Anodizied Aluminium Alloy Surface
  • The linkage and servo arm run into each other so that the maximum servo travel can be used
  • Precisely fitting and play-free servo arm (center distance 4mm)
  • Optimal power transmittion possible

    • Size of Control Horn:


      H:4.24 R4.5MM

      H:5.83 R6.6MM

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